The Zen Room

Qigong Self Healing 101
with Joane

May 18 (Saturday)
at 1:20 pm

Class length
120 minutes

The Zen Room

Over 100 million people from ancient cultures around the world understand the importance of bringing themselves into a better state of being and balance on a daily basis. Our culture is slowly figuring out how necessary, powerful and effective these simple and easy techniques really are. The time is NOW to start using this ancient knowledge in your everyday daily life. Help yourself to remember the creator that you are. Become calmer, more centered, conscious, aware, empowered, less emotionally driven, less reactive and more proactive –
Let us remember the self realized and empowered human being that we are- We are living in this fantastic modern time of HUGE human awakening, transition, realization and transformation. Its time to create a new way of being and living in peace, love, truth and light. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Early registration – 25.00 /30.00 at the door
Special guest teacher, Joane Patrick. Joane is a teacher’s teacher. She has been in the healing arts of qigong, yoga, meditation, and Pilates for 20 years.


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